Data Analyst newsletter, July 2023

Data Analyst newsletter, July 2023

The Data Analyst Guide, Data Analyst job market insights for June 2023, and Day in the Life of a Data Analyst with Maggie

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Hi everyone, happy almost Friday!

Hope everyone is enjoying start of the summer. is celebrating 6 months, and we've brought over 1,300 hand curated data analyst jobs onto the site - all of them including a salary range.

There's now over 1,450 of you currently subscribed to the newsletter, and I can't thank you enough for your support and for joining us on the journey.

Now, there are 3 things I'd like to share with you today.

  1. The Data Analyst Guide
  2. Day in the Life of a Data Analyst - interview with Maggie
  3. June 2023, Data Analyst job market insights

Hope you enjoy the read, and as always - please do share your ideas, thoughts and/or if you run across more bugs on the site.

If you've applied to a job and are in the interview process, wishing you good luck and please let me know how it goes!

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1. How to become a data analyst guide

We are continuing on our mission to building out - not just as a job board, but also as an educational hub - from interviews with experienced professional, best practices, to advice about getting into the industry.

With this mission in mind, I'm happy to share that we've recently launched The Data Analyst Guide

The guide covers topics such as:
- understanding the role and responsibilities of a data analyst
- becoming a data analyst, and what it obtains - from education, experience, to technical and soft skills
- the well known not-so-secret hack - building your own portfolio
- career development and salary guide (yes, our own!)

As we continue growing, the goal is for the guide to be a living document -  constantly evolving and incoporating new findings, advice and insights.

Tell us what you think about the first version.

2. Day in a life of a Data Analyst with Maggie

What does a data analyst do? How can I become a data analyst? How does a data analyst career look like?

Those are some of the most frequent questions being asked across the web, so we'll be bringing you interviews with current data analysts, sharing their experience, thoughts and advice!

Today, we released the next edition of our "Day in the life of a Data Analyst" series, and this time we spoke with Maggie - while technically her current title is Data Scientist, she primarily works on an Analytics team and have always been more in the Analytics space.

She has her own newsletter at Data Storyteller, where she shares her experience about her career pivot (she moved from marketing!) and also provides actionable advice for a career in data.  

And, as usually, we dip our toes into what seems to be on the mind of pretty much everyone right now: Is AI a threat to data analysts?

On her advice for those aspiring to enter the industry - how about moving internally, within your current organisation? :

"The internal transfer is going to be the easiest way to break in. You already (presumably) have a good reputation at the company, you already understand the business, and if there is any kind of hiring freeze, hiring internally might be the only way to fill open roles. For entry or junior roles, many hiring managers would rather train an internal candidate (with a good reputation) on the technical skills than take a risk on an external hire. About 10% of the people on my current analytics team transferred internally (from BI/data engineering, software engineering, account management, etc)."

I highly recommend you read the full interview.

3. June 2023 - Data Analyst job Market Insights

As you're all used it it by now, we're utilising the data available to bringing you a fourth (June) edition of Market Insights - a deep dive into the data analyst job market, where we can have a look at the job openings and provide you all with insights on the latest hiring trends for the past month in the United States.

Which industries are hiring the most? Are we seeing any salary increases? And what about the remote working trend?

As a reminder, we also recently released the data analyst salary guide which provides the overview of salaries in various industries - showing a more detailed view on each industry page, with a deep dive into how much entry level, senior and lead data analysts can earn depending on their experience.

Insights for the data analyst job market in the United States, for June 2023.