Data Analyst newsletter, May 2023

Data Analyst newsletter, May 2023

April 2023 Data Analyst Job Market Insights, Day in the Life of a Data Analyst interview series, and decisions had to be made

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Hi everyone, happy Tuesday is celebrating being live for 4 months, and we've brought over 1,100 hand curated data analyst jobs onto the site - all of them including a salary range.

There's now 920 of you currently subscribed to the newsletter, and I can't thank you enough for your support and for joining us on the journey.

Boring site stats: While in March we've seen just about 3,000 visitors, in April the site grew to over 5,000 monthly visitors across 26,000 pageviews, and we've been able to register approximately 4,000 data analyst applications being started from the site!

If you've applied to a job and are in the interview process, wishing you good luck and please let me know how it goes!

Before we jump in, I've integrated a "Search by Anything" filter into the job feed - you can now search by company name, location (including the state), industry but also a specific role focus - just try it! (Warning - it's highly experimental).

Now, there are 3 things I'd like to share with you today.

  1. Day in the Life of a Data Analyst - interview with Elijah @ Humana
  2. Decisions, decisions.... decisions had to be made
  3. April 2023, Data Analyst job market insights

Hope you enjoy the read, and as always - please do share your ideas, thoughts and/or if you run across more bugs on the site.

Thank you,


P.S: For those of you who are open to do an email based interview about your data analyst career journey, please just send me a message and we'll organise something - would love to get you featured and share your experience with our readers!

1. Day in the Life of a Data Analyst

What does a data analyst do? How can I become a data analyst? How does a data analyst career look like?

Those are some of the most frequent questions being asked across the web, so we'll be bringing you interviews with current data analysts, sharing their experience, thoughts and advice!

In mid-April we released the next edition of our "Day in the life of a Data Analyst" series, and this time we spoke with Elijah, who's currently working at Humana.

We talk about his experience, as well as dip our toes into what seems to be on the mind of pretty much everyone right now: Is AI/Chat GPT a threat to data analysts?

On his advice for those aspiring to enter the industry:

"Build portfolios. This is especially important in the absence of a college degree. With or without a degree, a portfolio is the best way to prove you have used SQL, Tableau, etc. in an applied context. This step is incredibly important. Don’t skip it."

Have you read the interview yet?

You should, it's awesome - read it.

We'll be sharing the next interview next week - 11th May, and it will be with Tisha, who is a Data Analyst at Tesla!

2. Decisions, decisions...

It's not all roses, and I am worried that I am not able to effectively cover the UK market any more. Why? Starting with lack of salary transparency, but also the market is largely being operated by recruitment industry, resulting in lower number of direct company listings.

As a solo-founder, prioritization on which activities I spend time is crucial, and since I am committed to my approach to only have job listings with salary posted, I decided to pause my coverage of the UK market for the time being.

All in all, I simply realised that I wouldn't be able to consistently add quality data analyst jobs for the individual market, which would eventually lead to poor job seeker experience.

As the site grows, I will look to expand the team, and eventually have more bandwidth to cover the UK and other international markets.

I certainly hope that will still be able to provide value even to out of US data analysts - be it with market insights, expert interviews, or with guides and other education material that we have in the roadmap.

3. April 2023 - Data Analyst job Market Insights

As you're all used it it by now, we're utilising the data available to bringing you a fourth (April) edition of Market Insights - a deep dive into the data analyst job market, where we can have a look at the job openings and provide you all with insights on the latest hiring trends for the past month in the United States.

Which industries are hiring the most? Are we seeing any salary increases? And what about the remote working trend?

Insights for the data analyst job market in the United States.