Dataroots is a data & AI company


What is the average data analyst salary at Dataroots?

The average data analyst salary at Dataroots is $79,500 per year.

This salary has been determined from our database, where we have 1 data analyst jobs at Dataroots. (Last update: 1st April, 2024)

About Dataroots

Dataroots is a data & AI company located in Leuven, with a strong presence in Belgium and activities in several other European countries. Innovation and return on investment (ROI) are key in our field.

We are focused on delivering high quality artificial intelligence (AI) projects, data engineering projects and data infrastructures in order to create solutions for our customers that yield.

Since our start in 2016 we have worked hard to build a center of excellence. This has resulted in a team with a high level of expertise.We understand the business and technological challenges you have when it comes to deploying artificial intelligence solutions.

We are here to help you overcome these challenges by building upon our experience and the expertise of our team of machine learning engineers, data engineers, data architects and analytical translators.


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