Exacaster is a big data predictive analytics technology company developing tools for telco and retail


What is the average data analyst salary at Exacaster?

The average data analyst salary at Exacaster is $190,000 per year.

This salary has been determined from our database, where we have 2 data analyst jobs at Exacaster. (Last update: 1st April, 2024)

About Exacaster

Exacaster is a big data predictive analytics technology company developing advanced machine-learning algorithms and tools that address and automate key customer management decisions in Telecommunications and Retail.

The Exacaster Platform, the company's flagship product, helps telecom and retail marketers visualize data, predict customer behavior, execute model-driven or event-triggered multi-channel campaigns and measure their impact. We bring proven customer acquisition, value management and retention processes that rely on data and not on gut feeling.

We leverage nearly complete sets of all internal enterprise data consisting of transactions/sales receipts, call records, mobile data records, network-level data, CRM activity data, web browsing data and more, plus external data which can be obtained in the market such as mobile device profiles or location demographical profiles. These data sets are merged into comprehensive customer 360-degree views which serve as the basis for further analysis and automation.

The Exacaster platform is used to crunch behavioral data on more than 40 million consumers daily across Europe, the United States and Latin America.


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