Gigs is the world’s first telecom-as-a-service platform.


What is the average data analyst salary at Gigs?

The average data analyst salary at Gigs is $106,750 per year.

This salary has been determined from our database, where we have 1 data analyst jobs at Gigs. (Last update: 1st April, 2024)

About Gigs

Gigs is the world’s first telecom-as-a-service platform, born from the belief that connectivity will be key to unlock greater potential for innovation. We launched with an API and white-label product that allows businesses and brands to offer fully-fledged phone plans on any network globally. Businesses can launch their own mobile service to monetize their audience and unlock recurring revenue streams, all while having full control over brand and pricing. Today, Gigs offers a suite of products - including payments and analytics - to customers through a unified platform and simple API. Gigs is  backed by Google, Y Combinator and other renowned business angels and investors.


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