At Quartz, we’re a company committed to good health.


What is the average data analyst salary at Quartz?

The average data analyst salary at Quartz is per year.

This salary has been determined from our database, where we have data analyst jobs at Quartz.

About Quartz

We believe that the health insurance industry should do far more than just provide access to doctors and cover or administer claims. We believe health care plans should help people live healthier. Which is exactly what makes us different. As a health plan management and administrative services company, we’re leading the charge on everything from expanding network physician and provider options to creating innovative approaches to wellness, prevention and community well-being. That’s because at Quartz, we’re a company committed to good health.

Beginning in mid-2017, Gundersen Health Plan, Unity Health Insurance and Physicians Plus have joined forces under the Quartz brand name. Together, we provide our members with high-quality service and affordable coverage.

We manage services for those health insurance plans as well as provide administrative services for self-funded health plans as Quartz ASO, while serving 350,000+ customers who live in southern and western Wisconsin, parts of Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota from offices located in Onalaska and Fitchburg, Wisconsin.