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Think Small's mission is to advance quality care and education of children in their early years.


What is the average data analyst salary at Think Small?

The average data analyst salary at Think Small is $65,000 per year.

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About Think Small

Since 1971, Think Small®has been dedicated to raising the standard of care of Minnesota’s children.  Pioneered in Saint Paul by community volunteers concerned about the lack of affordable, organized and accessible early childhood care and education in a rapidly changing workforce, Think Small was founded on the principal that the quality of a child’s early experiences greatly influences his or her success later in life. This principal has remained relevant throughout the past four decades and has inspired our agency’s growth from a community-based grassroots organization to a full service agency supporting families and early childhood professionals.

Think Small's mission is to advance quality care and education of children in their early years.  Our vision is that by the time children start kindergarten they are well prepared for school success, and retain that success in their early school years. Services in the seven county Minneapolis- St. Paul metropolitan area, regionally and beyond include professional development for early childhood practitioners, consultation and technical assistance, as well as parent education and child care referral services for families. Think Small staff applies best practices and innovative solutions to support individuals that care for and teach these children. Redleaf Press, our publishing division, is a recognized leader in curriculum, management and business resources for early childhood professionals both nationally and internationally.

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