Data Analyst newsletter, October 2023

Data Analyst newsletter, October 2023

The Data Analyst Salary Guide - an in-depth quarterly update

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Hi everyone, happy Tuesday! has now been live for just over 9 months, and we've brought over 1,350 hand curated data analyst jobs onto the site - all of them including a salary range.

In September, the site kept steady at over 4,500 monthly visitors across 23,000 pageviews, and we've been able to register approximately 4,800 data analyst applications being started from the site!

There's now over 2,000 of you currently subscribed to the newsletter, and I can't thank you enough for your support and for joining on the journey.

It's a shorter one this time, there's one key thing I'd like to share with you today.

  1. The Data Analyst Salary guide - quarterly in-depth update

Hope you enjoy the read, and as always - please do share your ideas, thoughts and/or if you run across more bugs on the site. If you've applied to a job and are in the interview process, wishing you good luck and please let me know how it goes!

Thank you,


P.S: I'm currently looking for data analysts open to share their career journey, so if you're up for an email based interview, please just send me a message and we'll organise something - would love to get you featured and share your experience with our readers!

1. Data Analyst Salary Guide

As you've probably noticed, a lot of time over the last few months has been spent on updating the data analyst salary guide.

While there have certainly been positive steps made in the legislation toward salary transparency, there's currently only 9 states (with New York being the latest) currently requiring employers to disclose to job applicants how much a position pays.

Job seekers across industries are in most cases put in a position where they have no idea about the compensation prior to making time for interviews, case studies and other shenanigans - that's one of the reasons why I am so adamant on only having job opportunities with salaries on the site (and yes, I admit, there are cases where the salary range listed is bigger than King Kong's first dump of the day - brownie points for those who get the reference).

Now, back to the salary guide.

With approximately 1,350 data analyst jobs listed on the site up to this date, in the salary guide and respective pages, you can now find the following breakdown:

Industry - breakdown by specific industry, overall minimum, maximum, median and average salary + salary breakdown by years of experience

Years of experience - breakdown of all jobs on the site by years of experience - entry level (0 - 3 years), senior (3 - 5 years), lead (5+ years)

State - this is where it gets tricky. Now, as it usually is with this kind of exercise, lumping the data all together you come up with an insane range. On the other hand, if you split the data in 52 different ways, you'll get a whole different set of issues where N is not large enough to draw any conclusions - and for some states, there's simply no data at all (not to single any state out, but I'm looking at you, Wyoming).

As the site grows, and the number of jobs on the site increases, I do still believe that I'll be able to bring an addition source of information about salaries, complimenting those already available on other sites.

So far I've done this quarterly, with the next update expected in January to close off the year, and will move to 2x year updates starting in 2024.

We've also released the September edition of Data Analyst job market Summary, you can see the full report in the blog section on the site as well.


I am considering releasing the full database of jobs on the site for the year, in January, so anyone can deep dive and analyze for themselves (for example what are most in demand skills